Leech’s letter

Below is a transcript of Leech’s letter about ‘the Sooke River gold discovery’ Also published in the ‘British Colonist’ newspaper on July 26, 1864.


To Dr. Robert Brown

 Sooke Lake, 17th July, 1864.


I have to report for your information that we have found good indications of gold on the Sooke river, at a point about six miles from the Inlet and about a quarter of a mile above the Canyon, shown in Mr. Whympers sketch which I forward along with this note.

The parcels which are enclosed contain the prospects made by Mr. Foley.

    No. 1 contains the result of 15 pans washing.

    No. 2 contains the result of 2 pans washing.

    No. 1 was found immediately above the Canyon;

    No. 2 at a point situated about 3 and 5 miles above the Canyon.

Mr. Foley estimates the averages to be about 8 cents to the pan[*].

The largest prospect was about 25 cents to the pan.

  I am


          Your Obedient Servant

              P.J. Leech



– * Later assessment in Victoria showed that the enclosed prospect No. 1 contained 3½ cents to the pan. The price paid for 1 gold (troy) ounce these days was about $17.-

– Transcript© from the original letter, made by ‘the author’.


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